Vertical Garden Felt for Landscaper Projects

A vertical garden or green wall allows you to transform any wall into an artistic, colorful and lush area. Our target customers as Matador Useful Goods LLC; landscape design firms, architects and architectural design decoration companies.  The biggest advantage that we offer to these companies is that we can produce vertical garden felt in the design they want. We want to better understand both our customers and their customers. The better we understand, the better we meet request.  

What We Do?

One of our b2b projects is to make vertical garden / green wall projects. We do not make the selection of flowers or flowers. However, we support you in this regard, we are preparing projects in the desired design. Landscape companies share the size of their projects, how many m2 area and which type of flowers will be placed? such as wall, panel dimensions. We also produce specially designed and produced, water-resistant felt material. Lanscape firm or assembly company completes the operation.

Specifications of Felt and Vertical Garden System

The technical information about the material and the expectations can be given below.

  • Water carrying capability

  • Durability
  • The system does not damage the wall due to water.
  • Production of recycled materials
  • Can be produced in different sizes, flexibility in pocket size.

The system we offer to our customers consists of 3 main layers. rear layer; The plastic layer is in contact with the wall. The next layer is the 1000 g / m2 density and the middle felt with a thickness of about 1 cm. Recycled black felt produced on the surface and in the desired size contains packets. Flowers and other plants enter into these pockets. In simple terms, the vertical garden felt system consists of these sub parts.

Case Study about Green Wall Felt

There are many type of vertical gardens according to material. We prefer and focus felt material and system. And This is the ideal product for most environmentally friendly buildings and structures.  

Let’s say you have a project like the following wall. The information we need;

  • Size and height of wall
  • Pocket dimensions (18 x 16 cm as standard can be ideal). However, these measurements may vary depending on the root, flower and plant species you use. We offer you special sewing and package delivery. All you have to do is wall-mount. It’s easy too

Vertical Garden Felt Manufacturer / FAQ

  1. Where is your production area? How long is your production time?

Our production plant located in Turkey/İstanbul.  All of the production is completely within ourselves and we are extremely flexible in this regard. We can complete your entire project in 1 week and ship to any part of the world.

2. Do we need to add soil to the roots?

We deliver the thin rectangular black felt material you will use in each package. For example, if you have 3000 packages in your project, we deliver 3,000 separate black felts and wrap around the root as in the picture. Extremely simple. It enables the root to grow in the natural environment and also prevents it from getting air.


3. Do you provide irrigation system?

We can provide irrigation system in request for vertical garden felt applications. The systems in the picture can give you an idea. placed in the middle of the system.


The best plants for vertical gardens are dense, compact and low growing. Make sure you choose species that suit the aspect of the wall on which they’ll be growing. A wall drenched in sun, for instance, will need a selection of fairly drought-tolerant plants, whereas a shady spot – perhaps under a pergola or verandah – will require a selection of shade lovers, such as ferns. Also bear in mind that the bottom of the unit will hold more moisture than the top, so consider this when you’re deciding what to plant where.

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