About Felt Storage Cubes

Our fabric storage cubes provide fun and functional organization for any room. Super practical and stylish, these matador useful goods storage Cubes will immediately de-clutter any room or space. office, kitchen, study room or even balcony; you can use it everywhere. It suits a lot of lockers and tables. these boxes; it is also very convenient to keep memories; files and photos. our two, three, four or six-cube options. We know that these are really popular for use in many kids’ bedrooms – but they also find a useful spot in many other places around the house, from the lounge room to the home office. With colours ranging from aqua to orange, blue to pink and more, they also quickly brighten up many a wall or corner. Their doored storage areas also enjoy a solid backing board as well, helping to keep everything in place without losing smaller items down the back! Storage are ideal for dorm closet shelves, use on your dorm desk, or even underneath your dorm room bed as underbed storage. Keep your dorm storage simple.

Details of Storage Cubes

About Product

We need some items for a home, office or living area. This storage cubes product is convenient to use and easy to use for almost any environment. f we give a little more detail about the material; “Nonwoven, vegan, felt, strong, durable and can be produced in different sizes.” 

ikea storage cube
Storage Cubes
  • Our diaper caddy organizer basket is designed with neutral grey colors to look good in any room. It looks good on your changing table, on top of a dresser or next to the diaper pail and is an essential item for your diaper changing station. Easily move the tote around using the long handle. If you need different colour pleasee free to ask. 
  •  Matador Useful Goods,  design and product according to costumer request. we want to offer the best designs with compatitive price. ıt could be b2b or b2c service. 
  • Standart dimensions are 10 inc x 10 in x 10 inch. Ot ıs also suitable for many furnitures box. 
  • Many of our costumers using this product as Toy storage basket, bin.  This material which is safe for children is also light weight.
  • So we can change dimension easly according to request.


We have solutions as B2B or B2C.  Informations we need to help us prepare the price; “quantity, delivery address and contact details”. Following information may be helpful to you; One box contains about 50 storage cubes and the box dimensions are 40cm x 60cm x 40cm. We have 2 different shipping areas from Usa or Europa. If you share with us delivery address, we can provide information about the logistics period. It is possible to ship by air, truck, ocean or combine transportation for storage cubes organizers. 

Custom Private Label Storage Cubes

Matador useful goods has the standard color we produce, light and durable these felt storage cubes felt  product  and we are serving  on different channels such as, amazon.com and etys.com. In addition, we can produce this Collapsable and Portable product in different colors and according to costumer/brand request. If you have a store selling baby products, we can manufacture to your brand identity anywhere in the world. We are ready to provide you great business models to reach your costumers. Our main goal is always to provide the best service and benefit to those who use the product, shelf storage box.  In addition you need to know that felt, nonwoven material could be polyester, wool and It could be blue, yellow or mix. ıt ıs up to you. There are many colours and many thickness according to costumer request for storage cubes projects. 

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