About Purse Bag Organizer Insert

Matador Useful Goods Purse Organizer Insert is made of 100% eco-friendly premium felt. This handbag organizer insert can be used with or without dividers and has 10 pockets. Bag organizer will help you to organize all of your carry in the tote bag. Such as glass, phone, earphone, wallet, cosmetics, keys, cards, eyeliners, balms, perfumes, pens, notebooks and etc. You can protect all of your makeup accessories with make up bag organizer insert, prevents being damaged. We can provide a place for every product that needs to be in the bag .  Parfume, book, key, phone, lipstick, glass or what you need. 

Purse Organizer Insert Product Specifications


  • Multi Pocket with 10 pockets/compartments.
  • Organize Your Bag: Multipocket felty purse insert organizer for phone, cosmetics, keys, card, pen, wallet or any others.
  • Purse bag organizer insert fits perfectly for Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM, Speedy 25 and Speedy 30 bags.
  • Sturdy and durable 2″ Velcro bands for removable bag insert organizer.
  • Double stitching on pockets improve robustnes of purse organizer insert.
  • This purse bag oranizer insert is high functional. Easy to use purse bag insert and dividers. Change bags with accessories and storage.
  • Very lightweight, durable&sturdy, easy to carry and portable.
Purse Bag Organizer


  • Purse organizer insert is made of 100% eco-friendly premium felt material.
  • 16 ounces thick felt made handbag organizer is very durable.
  • Useful and sturdy Velcro bands for dividers.
  • Double stitchşng on pockets for extra durability.
  • Easy clean with cold water.

Size Of Purse Organizer Bag

  • 5 x 6 x 5 inches dimensions tote bag organizer insert for Neverfull MM and Speedy 25, Speedy 30.
  • 2 inches Velcro bands to provide roboustness.
  • Medium size for general use purse tote bags.
  • Very lightweight and totally 300g or 11 ounces.


Matador useful goods has the standard color we produce, light and durable this purse organizer bag felt  product .  we can produce colors like white, green, yellow, red, burgundy on purse bag organizer insert. Color varies periodically, but in some cases we offer a B2B solution for companies.  Please contact us for color stock status and custom color applications. We will be happy to hear you. Or you may check our amazon shop directly .

Package Dimension of Purse Organizer Insert

  • ur felt purse organizer insert can be packed with a premium craft box or poly bag.
  • Package dimensions, 10 x 6 x 1 inches dimensions for inner box. ( 25 x 15 x 3 cm )
  • In general, our standard outer box sizes are 60cm x 40cm x 40cm and there are approximately 60 products on it as felf drink coasters. 
  • The total weight of a box is 20 kg and each product is packed with its own private label.
  • Special craft packaging can be made if desired. This can be selected for some specific customers.

In addition This product Suitable for;

  • Consumers,
  • Fashion e-commerce stores,
  • Retail or wholesale stores about fashion, clothes, womens, bags,
  • Amazon FBA sellers

Trade Information About Purse Organizer Insert


If you are going to make a low quantity purchase, we invite you to our shop in our own consumer stores in Amazon, Etys or Matador Useful Goods B2C channels. This is a very convenient way and affordable prices. You will quickly get to the product where you are in the world of the fastest way.

As a B2B solution, if you specify quantity, we can share your referral details with our fastest and most economical solutions according to the quantitiy of boxes you will receive. Our production located in Turkey and we have warehouse in Usa for these kind of units such as purse organize insert


It is possible to pay by credit card, online payment, or bank transfer. We are very customer-focused in these matters and we can decide together with the most appropriate payment method about our products.

We are open to different payment methods according to countries situations.

B2b Solutions and Private Label

We have teams and account managers for all customers. So they will accompany you at every steps from design to production and after sales.

How can we customize the product for you, and if you share with us, you will see how quickly we make custom, color design drawings and samples for Purse organizer insert, handbag organizer.

Questions About Purse, Tote Organizer Insert

Below you can find most important questions asked to us about purse organizer insert products.


  • Can I use it in with all bags? : Not all bags, but it will fits perfectly for Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM, Speedy 25 and Speedy 30 bags and it is also suitable for similar handbags of the same size.
  • Can I wash it? : You can clean easily wity cold water with your hands only.
  • Is it an eco-friendly product? : Yes, it’s 100%vegan purse organizer  felt and eco-friendly.
  • Are they durable? : Yes, absolutely! There are double stitched pockets and edges.
  • Can I remove dividers? : Yes, thanks for Velcro bands to protect purse organizer insert for bag!

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