Professional Sewing Manufacturer and What is Our Service?

There may also be a technical textile used in the factory / production, or a special bag you plan to sell as a promotion. You don’t have to know every detail of the fabric. Or you don’t have to know every step of the sewing process and every spare part. We; as a manufacturing company; we can make sewing process of a product you designed. So we are a  proffesional sewing manufacturer company for many industries such as military, hospitality, sport, automotive, promotion, textile, pet or whatever you need.

Case Study about Some Industries: PET Sewing Service

If you are a company in the pet industry, there are many fabric types and sewing processes in this sector. Our own experience, we can offer both fabric selection, sample supply and special production parts. We provide custom design product in the name you specify by private label. Here you may find some clothes or pet gift related proffesional sewing manufacturer. Our costumer share of idea of their mind with some pictures or etc. We may select materials for our customers; We provide production and shipment to the most appropriate quantity. So we are one of contracted sewing company for private label option. Our production facility located in Turkey istanbul and we have an office also in Us.

In marketing, brands need to place themselves in a position to gain an advantage for both end-user benefit and competitors. It can be with cheap products, good packaging, long lasting product offer, more durable fabric as well as options.  Our aim is to understand the customer very well, choose the most suitable fabric and finish the production process as proffesional sewing manufacturer. 

In the pet industry, there are many animals such as birds, dogs, cats and cattle, as well as wild animals. Each customer has his own problem and solution. It may be necessary to support professional fast / wholesale sewing projects here. For example, a high bird bird cage may be needed, or a leather dog collar. Just share the picture with us for contracted sewing service.

Contracted Baby Sewing Goods Manufacturer

Below you can see a baby diaper caddy product which is sold under our brand “Matador Useful Goods”. For our Baby industry solution;  we wanted to explain our service, especially through our own product.  Product specific details can be read here. We will provide information about our service as proffesional sewing manufacturer. If we do not serve the product to the market and a request from our customers; In some cases drawing may be requested. Our graphic department can design and serve in 3D (solidworks or ai. )  Our customers can also share details such as metal and fabric. (felt, plastic, health-tested cotton pieces, jut) velcro, webbing. This is a kind of custom sewing process with high quality materials or material type accoridng to costumer request.  We are especially specialized in carrying case, accessories and partly for industrial applications. More images about professional sewing manufacturer, you may find on our pinterest page.

baby diaper caddy
Baby Diaper Felt

Custom Sewing Outsourcing: Packing Solutions with Fabric

We can calculate the price cost according to the companies we work with, but we also love entrepreneurs who want to enter the market and we have solutions according to them. You can sell your products with your own brands in portals like Amazon, etys, ebay. We produce products for you. We pay special attention to quality control and we can ship to any part of the world. Professional sewing manufacturer on packing industry is First of all, we need to understand where we are placed in market, such as packaging.

These fabrics may be special technical textiles (nonwovens), nylon or composite materials such as high density materials. Print on the fabric as digital, transfer types can be made. We can also do custom webbing process to increase the strength of the package.

Sub-Materials of Proffesional Sewing Manufacturer

Metal accessories are used in detail in professional sewing manufacturer projects. These metal parts can be special coated. It improves the performance of the last produced part and provides a more aesthetic product.  However; webbing, which can be used as hanging and holding place; The tensile strength of the end products can be increased.

Questions About Step by Step Manufacturer Proses

First, the idea of ​​design is shared with us. Material details and feasibility, we will send you the project file as 3d. The number of pieces in the project that is important to us. We can provide the most suitable and competitive price according to this quantity. As we are a professional sewing manufacturer, quality control, project agreement and necessary and sufficient certifications are also important. We also support shipment location and shipment type.

Other Industry Ideas

Military, transporting, sport, home and decoration, camping, packaging, school, coffe, barbeque, garden and more..

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