What is Industrial Sewing Service and Sewing Contractors?

Another service of Matador Useful Goods LLC is “industrial sewing service”. Sometimes it may be the products that need to be specially sewn in the minds of companies or persons. Minimum 100 pieces are within our feasibility.  Our team can make custom production from design to sample production, order and shipment. We support sewing and installation.  If you are looking for a supplier, we can help. 

The important details sewing contactors are the following; understand customer requests well; fabric selection, quality expectation, just in time production, and additional some marketing advantages.

Step by Step Industrial Sewing Process

Our experience shows us that our first priority is to understand customer requirements very well. To understand this, you just need to contact us. So which type of fabric will be used, the quality of the seam will be how; how many production will be made, who will use the product to be sewed? Knowing such information is important for us to calculate the price. It’s hard to find the right supplier in an industry with thousands of different fabrics and sub-materials.

Design for Industrial Sewing Product

The sewing product can be used in different industries. Therefore, when designing, all details such as “mechanical, service life, external appearance, lower parts, packaging” should be considered. In fact, most of the time the same product from industrial products are designed to be tested multiple times. To provide industrial sewing service service you also need to know the details like this.

2D Design And Sample Request for Custom Sewing Service

After the design is finished, we send a project file to our customers and related departments. Drawing on the computer, adding the tolerance, if any additional information is added on the technical drawing. According to your project plan; we are producing sample as soon as possible for custom sewn projects.

Serial Products and B2b Relationship As Contractor Manufacturer

both the supplier and the client spend a lot of effort in the process of starting the project and in the ongoing process. Time is very valuable. B2b relationship; It is very important in sewing projects. Fabric, narrow woven, velcro, metal, hanger, leather, such as a lot of sub-parts can take place in the project. The quality of the sewing and the quality of all these sub-parts must be the same as in the master sampled. At the same time, logistics, order, payment, such as additional departments with these companies should work in harmony.

Canvas Bag

Material We Use for Industrial Sewing Service

Material selection is a technical task. At the same time, it should be economical, easy to find and affect the customer according to the purpose of use. If we are producing a product to the end user consumer, we can be the ideal supplier for you and your brand could be different. Our production factory is located  in Istanbul / Turkey we have an office in Usa. 

Together with technical textile materials, we use many materials with the development of technology for industrial sewing service. Such as leather, denim, canvas, cotton, plastic, felt, nonwoven, narrow webbing.


A kind of cloth made by rolling and pressing wool or another suitable textile accompanied by the application of moisture or heat. Here you may find some details.

Denim fabric:

Denim is a sturdy cotton warp-faced textile in which the weft passes under two or more warp threads. This twill weaving produces a diagonal ribbing that distinguishes it from cotton duck. … The most common denim is indigo denim, in which the warp thread is dyed, while the weft thread is left white.

Vinly Leather:

With the development of technology people have obtained more economical and vegan leathers from the most suitable plastic materials to the leather surface.  On industrial sewing service and custom sewing options, the selection of these materials can be done through catalogs. You can give information for density, thickness and surface differences.

Cotton Fabric:

The most preferred products by sewing contractors are cotton fabric. Cotton is the most widely produced natural fiber on the planet. Here you may find more details about cotton.   As “Matador Useful Goods LLC” we apply a wide range of cotton products in “industrial sewing service”. These products can also be sewn with each other.

Velcro /Fasteners: 

These fasteners products are frequently used in many areas such as packaging, decoration, sport, transportation, automotive, mechanics. Supply, material selection and sewing process also require a specialization for custom sewing process and industrial sewing service. In technical projects, self-adhesive, more tightly available versions are also available.

Narrow Webbing:

Applications of narrow fabrics about industrial sewing services; range from simple, practical purposes to decorative and high-performance applications. Automotive, cargo handling, defense, furniture, luggage, industrial lifting, medical, outdoor/leisure, pet products and saddlery, safety (construction, forestry, mining, oil rigs), toys, and sporting goods are some applications of narrow fabrics, all presenting different requirements. We use according to costumer request. It could be PP, Cotton or composit with different density fibers and measurements.

Metal Accesories on Industrial Sewing Services

Some metal parts are used together with the fabric for the clothing industry, decoration, mountaineering, military, electronics and more. These products can be extended to life by coating, or may include logos of brands. We know metal accessories and we use “custom industrial sewing service” projects.  If you have a piece of metal you do not know your name in the project to be sewn, you can send its image to us.

Industrial Sewing Services Ideas

We love long-term and continuous companies we would like to work with. With our engineering experiences; We would like to show you our criteria for feasibility and products that we can do. These products are just examples.  We will try to explain additional advantages with examples. 

In such projects; To make business agreement with the customer, prepare the product file, you need to understand the quality details very well.

Production time: 

It is very easy to make production and organize shipment after understanding the right fabric and sub- parts very well. We can ship to any part of the world for industrial sewing service.

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