What are Foam Inserts?

If you are going to use the product for the protective foam for packaging, it is a particularly difficult to decide which type of foam will you used? . And Matador Useful Goods can help you in this process. We will try to explain you our another service of cutting and assembling materials such as foam, eva and more. But these service is totaly a packaging solutions. So we provide you custom cut foam projects or foam inserts projects. Whether it’s performance, cost, durability or aesthetics, “Matador Useful Goods” can provide you with a wide range of high-quality foams to meet your criteria. The choice of materials can help you decide which one is best foams for this protective in-box packaging, our team of specialists in foam, which is the right foam for your needs. In many sectors such as hardware, automotive, airplane, clothing textile, cosmetics, glass, furniture, electronics, companies have the demands and needs of foam case insert directly or indirectly. Below we will share the sectoral and product details for custom case foam insert .

Hardware Tool Foam Insert Price Cost Material Types

To provide additional protection for products susceptible to damage by impact e.g. carbide tooling, heavy milling cutters, delicate mechanical parts, etc. If you are a cnc machine tool manufacturer. Or, if you have your own company that produces metal parts for this sector/industry, your marketing department will have foam insert demands,request. These foam insert products, which are compatible in bags, boxes, cases, are an ideal solution for your brand and for the healthy display of products. In some cases, customers who are “tool parts manufacturing companies” reach us. We serve them according to their specification. We prefer using Eva material about this type of products.

Please contact us for different tool box, hardware foam requests  except sample picture.  As Matador Useful Goods, we can change everything and produce custom design according to your quantity and material inside box and case.

Foam Inserts for Plastic Cases Cost, Design And Manufacturing

Plastic bag contains “foam inserts” specially designed for the bag. It is used in a wide range of fields ranging from engineering projects to electronic transport, hardware and construction. The quality and choice of sponges also show your brand’s approach to customers. A well-designed foam insert provides added value to the product. where color, sponge quality, tolerances are effective. We, as Matador Useful Goods ; company,produce special custom cut out foam projects.

We will try to give detailed information below but CNC can be preferred as a production method. Information we need; inner dimensions of bags, images and pictures. With this information, we will share with you the most suitable type of sponge compatible with your brand and our previous experiences. Products, materials and designs may be changed according to the sector, usage temperature and weight. If you dont have plastic case for your goods you produce; please contact us. These material also could be wooden or cardbox materials. MOQ is 50 pieces.

Marketing Presantation Solution Foam insert For Cardboard and Box

if you step in from the store, you will find foam insert solutions for a gift or exhibition. The purposes of these foam inserts are as follows.
.Due to damage during shipping
.Marketing purpose and adaptation to brand personality

well thought out, imagined, designed foam insert options are important to be different from competitors.


Eva, epdm, open and closed cell foam types may be suitable for gift box. we are a manufacturer, a minimum order quantitiy could be 100. We cannot run low units to provide more competitive price. We can ship weherever you need. We prefer discuss with your design team to prepare 3d modelling before production.

Flocked Foam Types; Flocked Foam Insert For Box And Case

Consumer touch is also very important in some sectors. The sale of the product, the quality of the brand and the upper segment are also preferred due to the gentle use of this product. Flock coating is a separate process. 

flocked foam insert

We can support for this issue. Cosmetics, perfumes, ring boxes, jewelry boxes are the most widely used industries. Black is the standard flock color. The surface of materials such as Eva, Polyurethane sponge, flock coating process can be made and then cut is applied. You can ask us for non-standard colors.  In order to increase the value of packaging and provide a better marketing to the customer, foam foam projects with flock can be preferred in foam insert projects. While this is a special method of production, you can imagine it as a veleur surface.

Protective Foam Material to Provide Demage for Shipping

Pe foam Design and Cutting

Some devices, machinery, heavy apparatuses need protection to avoid damage during international transport. As shown in the picture, product-specific foam insert should be produced. Maximum design with minimum material should be applied, so the price may be competitive and the shipping price may be lower. Material we prefer is generally a polyethylene Foam. One of the details that should be considered is “do not supply” boxes or case boxes without making foam insert design. In B2B relations we need samples in general to provide the most appropriate design. CNC, Diecut, lazer, waterjet medhots are preffered for producing and manufacturing. In addition If you send us your box dimension with procuct you will service inside it. We can design and share with you optimum packaging solution.

Step By Step Working With us Contracted Foam Insert Projects

Share us Images or Details about Project

We want you to send us photos, imaging foam insert. Than we are calculating price cost when we get dimensions of lenght/width/ height of total project. We also need quantity of total project to find out best production medhot. In our previous articles, we explained what production methods we used. Die cut, water jet, cnc, hot knife. We choose the most appropriate method for the project and the material for custom foam cutting projects as suppier and manufacturer.

Sample Production for Custom Foam Cutting and 3D Design For Confirmation

It is important to provide options about custom foam cutting projects. Because our clients and their team need to check some spesific requirement and decide which material they will use. We can prepare 2–3 different materials after design confirmation. We can also add a quality critaria and special request for your needs.

Production And Shipping to Delivery Address

Our manufacturing area located in Istanbul is due to many advantages. These advantages are procurement, mold, workmanship and transportation. We can produce easy and fast. We provide shipment to all over Europe within 7–10 days. We have a warehouse in the USA. We can get North America operations here. Middle east operations also take 10–14 days via ocean container service. In addition production start immadiatly after all design confirmation. we also confirm , credit card, paypal, bank swift transfer for payment options.

Foam Types For Foam Insert Projects

Polyethylene (PE) Foam; EVA foam, Ester Foam, open cell,closed cell, polyurethan foam, flocked foam we use for daily projects. Knowing these materials here is not too difficult to produce. it is not difficult to supply. It is important to find a healthy supplier in b2b relationships. Choosing the right material, right design, being economical, understanding the quality, just in time delivery. There are many sub-items available. For example, in the automotive industry fireproof foam is used. In the cosmetics sector, velvet coated (or flocked) foam types are preferred. It is our duty to help the Purchaser in this regard.

What are differences Custom Foam Packaging Materials?

This question is very easy to answer correctly but we are giving the following suggestion to our customers for choosing the right material. “who are your customers? What advantages do you want to provide with the material you will use?” The answers to these questions are “to be durable, long-term use, water retention, water absorption, flame retardant velvet coating, colored surface” have a lot of advantages for your brand. We provide you with the production of foam insert for every good detail from you. Price is also a factor when calculating the total budget. Some of our customers choose the more economical product which is polyethylene and we will provide special design and mass production for this product.  But if your customer’s target is in cosmetics, olive oil, jewelry, etc. then we recommend velvet coated (flocked foam).  

Color is also very important in the production of foam insert and protective foam materials. We recommend that you read the article below and the article on the link that you can find opinions about the role of customers in purchasing. Because there are differnet colour of foam insert which we provide according to client request checking on pantone colour especially EVA, or Coated Flocked Foam.

“The Importance of Color in Packaging

When it comes to packaging, color is one of the most important components for attracting shoppers. Visible from a greater distance than other elements such as copy, illustrations or graphics, it’s often one of the first things people notice.

It plays a crucial role in getting your shopper to see what you want them to see, feel what you want them to feel, and to do what you want them to do. Understanding color psychology is so important for the success of your packaging. However, poor color choice can also negatively change the impact of your message. Get it wrong, and your great package design can be easily ignored.

Custom Foam insert , Die Cut, Water Jet, Cnc Cutting

Production of foam insert, choosing the method is also an important detail. Quantity, material type and csotumer request is important. Not every material is suitable for every process. Water jet, cnc cutting, die cut are standard foam processing methods. Most of these methods; additional processes such as special printing and assambing can also be added. Fabric coating is also one of them.

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