What is Felt? What kind of Felt we Prodive?

Felt is a dense, nonwoven fabric that does not contain warp or weft. Instead, the felt fabric is made of matted and compacted fibers without a distinct thread line. The felt is produced when these fibers and are pressed together using heat, moisture and pressure. The felt is generally made of wool, which is mixed with synthetic, used to make solid, flexible products for craft or industrial use. However, some are made entirely of synthetic fibers. “Matador useful goods ” uses synthetic or wool felts for custom design or private labels.

Felt use is widespread in many industries such as industrial applications, thermal insulation, hobby, automotive, clothing. As Matador useful goods, we like to make this material useful for the end user by combining with different materials. we also have to say that we know very well technically.

Applications of Felt in Daily Life

Our experiences show us that every industry has different expectations and desires. In fact, these demands also vary from country to country. That’s why, we are preparing  good analysis as Matador Useful Goods. For example, when you leave the house in the morning, you can start your day by taking your key from this felt key holder. More details on this product are available here. We have b2b and b2c solutions on sales.

felt key holder
Felt Key Holder

In the picture below we present you one of baby diaper caddy solutions for mums. This highly durable product is an ideal solution for new mothers and can be a good gift alternative for many different people. As Matador useful goods, from design to production and after sales, whether you want a b2b solution or a b2c solution. Do not hesitate to reach us as you are in the world. The multi-layer feltproduct has different colors, designed for girls and boys. Mom really loves this product.

baby diaper caddy
Baby Diaper Felt

What are the Specifications of Felt?

Wool pressed felt is manufactured from high quality natural wool fibers which are mechanically pressed using heat, moisture and pressure to achieve a specific wool content, density and thickness. Most important spec’s of felts are “thickness, tensile strenght, density, PSİ and Vibration degree”. At the end of day virtuality is important of end users. We combine all these specifiations of felts and nonwoven according to costumer requests.

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