About Felt Laptop Sleeve

Matador Useful Goods Laptop Sleeve  is made of 100% eco-friendly, vegan, premium felt and reinforced with leather and Velcro bands. Lightweight and stylish design allows this felt sleeve fit in your favorite bag to provide more protection for your laptop. High quality felt and leather parts provides quality and durability. Our felt sleeve helps to protect your laptop and with thick felt body and soft flannel inside, there is no scratch the computer and your accessories.

Thanks to its handy and useful design, it saves both time and you get a lot of efficiency with very little weight. Perfect fits for Apple branded Macbooks and Ipads, please get direction from our team in order to get the best results.

Felt Macbook Sleeve, Product Specification


  • Well designed.
  • Perfect fits for Apple branded laptops and tablets, please choose your model.
  • You can store your laptop and book, pen and accessories.
  • Lightweight but very durable.
  • Reinforced with double stitching, leather and Velcro bands.
  • Multi pockets to store more than Macbook’s.
  • Durable and long-lasting, thanks to double-stitched on junction points.
  • Easy clean with only cold water.
felt sleeve tablet
Felt Laptop Sleeve

Material of Felt Macbook Sleeve

  • Our Felt Laptop Sleeve is made of 100% eco-friendly premium felt material and complementary with leather and Velcro bands.
  • 16 ounces – 3mm thick felt made felt Macbook sleeve is very durable and sturdy.
  • Reinforced with double stitching on junction points.
  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • Easy clean, cold water and soapy sponge.
  • Long lasting with eco-friendly and safe felt material.

Size of Felt Laptop Sleeve

  • We can produce for you for different size of laptop sleeves;
    • 12.9 Inch Apple iPad Pro 2015 Model,
    • 13.3 Inch MacBook Pro Retina,
    • MacBook Air 13.3″,
    • Dell XPS 13 and most 11-Inch Ultrabook Laptops
    • Or your special dimensions.
  • 0.12 inches thick grey felt provides roboustness.
  • Package dimensions changes according to your size.
  • Very lightweight and 350g or 12 ounces.

Colour of Felt Laptop Sleeve

We produce our felt laptop sleeve case with our standard color being gray and brown leather. We can produce colors like white, green, yellow, red on laptop sleeves. Color varies periodically, but in some cases we offer a B2B solution for companies. If you have a request other than general colors, you can choose from our pantone. It’s very stylish felt Macbook sleeves, because grey main color computers and tech devices.

On the other hands, felt laptop sleeves can be customized with logo, icon printing on products for your brands, private label buyers are welcome.

Please contact us for color stock status and custom color applications. We will be happy to hear you.

Package Dimension Of Felt Laptop Sleeve or Tablet

  • Our felt laptop sleeve can be packed with a premium craft box or OOP poly bag according to your brand requirements.
  • Package dimensions will change according to your chosen size for inner box.
  • In general, our standard outer box sizes are 60cm x 40cm x 40cm and there are approximately 50 products on it as felt laptop sleeves.
  • The total weight of a box is 20 kg and each product is packed with its own private label.
  • Special craft packaging can be made if desired. This can be selected for some specific customers.

Maintaining for Felt Macbook Sleeve

  • Do not put in sharp edges accessories for the purpose of preventing fabric.
  • Only cold water and hand wash with soapy sponges.

Felt Sleeve is Suitable for

  • Consumers,
  • Electronic Products e-commerce or retail stores,
    • Reseller or Private Label
  • Retail or wholesale stores electronic products, computers,
  • Companies, who wants to own-brand laptop cases,
  • Private label buyers,
  • Amazon FBA sellers,
  • Ebay sellers,
  • ETSY sellers.

Trade Information About Felt Laptop Sleeve


If you are going to make a low quantitiy purchase (felt laptop sleeve ), we invite you to our shop in our own consumer stores in Amazon, Etys or Matador Useful Goods B2C channels. This is a very convenient way with affordable prices and you will quickly get to the product where you are in the world of the fastest way.

As a B2B solution, if you specify quantity, we can share your referral details with our fastest and most economical solutions according to the quantity of boxes you will receive. If you are located ın Europe, we are ready to ship you directly from Turkey Plant . And for North America, it will be from the USA warehose. For b2b solution, we are ready to disucss with you increase material, change label, package or something according to your request.


It is possible to pay by credit card, online payment, or bank transfer.We are very customer-focused in these matters and we can decide together with the most appropriate payment method about our products. We are open to work with different payment methods according to countriesg according to your request.

B2b Solutions

We have teams and account managers for all customers. So they will accompany you at every steps from design to production and after sales. How can we customize the product for you, and if you share with us, you will see how quickly we make custom, color design drawings and samples for felt laptop sleeve.

Our Solutions for Amazon FBA Sellers

If you are a Amazon FBA seller and interested in our felt laptop sleeve, we can produce it for you with your brand as a private label.

We work for many Amazon FBA sellers with various products and competitive prices. We provide the following services.

  • Free sample
  • Private label producing with your brand / logo.
  • Product labeling with barcode with Amazon requirements.
  • FNSKU barcode with Amazon requirements.
  • Delivering to Amazon warehouse in 7-10 days.
  • Quality check for all your products.
  • Photographs for boxes before shipment, to be sure.

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