What is Custom Bag and Production?

Matador Useful Goods  is  a Manufacturer / contracted manufacturer of custom bag and bags. Served industries includes promotional bags, advertising, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, cosmetic, apparel, hospitality, retail, consumer goods, sport, travel, cosmetic, gourmet and wine, automotive, entertainment, OEM. Custom bags are made from canvas, denim, cotton, leather, felt, flocked fabrics, fiber materials in different colors. Bags can be customized with company logo, name, printing, embroidered or woven labels, special packaging, in-package inserts, color sublimation. Services include designing, prototyping, cutting, sewing, customization,prototyping, silk screening, embroidery, private-label production, warehousing, packaging, fulfillment, shipping and contracted sewing. Fast run times and low min order quantities. Types of custom bags include promotional, shopping, totes, pouches, cases, sleeves, backpacks, sports, canvas, tote, wine, briefcase, gift,duffle, book covers, equipment, medical, messenger, printed travel, merchandise, drawstring backpacks, cotton, grocery bags, zippered bags, non-woven bags, pencil case, school bags, garment bags.

Promotional Bag

As matador useful goods, we manufacture fabric bags that are ideal for personalized and wholesale custom production promotion. Below are some popular examples. It is an ideal solution for your brand to be memorable in consumers. Just share details like ral code, bag type, logo, slogan if any. You can reach details such as minimum quantity, production time in contact section. We can produce easy and fast.

Please contact us for different tool custom bag samples except sample picture.  As Matador Useful Goods, we can change , type of fabric, color, printing type You can also make special printing types for your company for custom bag manufacturer process.

Food and Beverage Storage Bags

In particular, in the automobile, keeping the food and drinks you buy can be some of our ideal bag solutions. We add special aluminum foil in order to protect from the sun, and we can produce style bags by making the connections strong. Here are some examples. We can also make your own logo or print. Please feel free to contact us if you have different solutions in similar solutions in mind.  Our customers can be retailer markets, cooler companies, market chains and beverage brands.

There are also different types of bags in the beverage and food sector. Both  quantity and fabric can also be different. We are here with our customers to decide the most appropriate quantity, bag type together. Long-term agreement is also our preference. As a result of the agreements made with our costumer, special colors can be produced and  printting/packing options. We have shipments to locations such as Europe / North America.

Travel Apron

In the personalized world, it is very difficult to choose the most suitable product among thousands of products and make it produced. As matador useful goods, we produce custom travel bag production after coming information and details from our potantial costumers. Fabric engineering, sewing and sub-parts together with our experience decides the most appropriate design together. Whether you may choose using canvas, leather, or denim, cotton, we produce memorable custom-made, high-end products. Our minimum quantity limit is 100 in such products.

For more details and special production custom travel bag projects, it is helpful to contact via phone. If you have any design, you can send it to us and we are ready to prepare price offer for you.

Gourmet and Wine Bag

Whether you want to give a gift, or for your wine, bottle or brand you produce, in some cases you need such bags. As matador useful goods, we produce bags that reflect you and your brand in a way that will be our own production in accordance with the desired brand and pattern. The minimum quantity can be 100. You can contact us for shipment, pattern, logo and other details. The type of fabric may differ from the pictures. We will share technical details for fabrics and fasteners.

We’d like to use felt, nonwoven and recylce cotton fabric for these kind of projects. Our sales team may help you private label projects.

Custom Hospitality Bag Projects


Presentation is key. A basic canvas tote is a great way to hold all your items and is perfect for a wedding where guests will be sightseeing (think: beach day or city adventure). Bonus: Guests can use the bag later to tote groceries or gym essentials. As Matador Useful Goods, we produce costimized hospitality bag witth canvas, denim, cotton or something according to specification.  Add a personal touch to your bag by including items you love or things that speak to you two as a couple. Maybe it’s a signature sweet, a book of crossword puzzles or a mix of your favorite beats. These details that capture your quirks make fun welcome bag additions your guests will surely love (and get a good laugh out of).

Material We Use For Bag Products

Fabric Types (Leather, Denim, Cotton)

We can change the material according to customer request and our mateial could be canvas, cotton, denim , cotton strap, leather label, metal sub-parts or some foams. In addition we may add some technical requirements to fabric such as water ressitancy, flambility or etc. When choosing a color, we also select the colors from the pantone and Ral catalog as well as the standard colors. We also try to design by considering which physical conditions the fabric will be used. If you give us such details, we can make the most suitable design quickly.  We can share international test details according to sector requirements.

Other Custom Bag Examples

Industrial Solutions

We offer usable and high quality products at reasonable price by following the dynamics of the sector together with the details of usability. The long-term customers here are very important for us. We give importance to personalization by responding quickly. We have a shipment from the US office in North America. Our factory is in Turkey. Here you may find some examples below

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