Contracted Sewing Service and Manufacturer Company

Now, by definition, what is “contacted sewing service”; we would like to detail a little about this. You can have a special technical fabric or sewing project. However, it is not always easy to work with the right provider. It is not easy to manage the right material selection, machine feasibility, just in time shipment, quality, communication.  As Matador Useful Goods LLC, we also produce special sewing, private labelling while we have our own brand. We will try to provide a general solution about this service.

What is Our Advantage for Private Label Sewn Projects?

If you are a brand but want to grow your brand, whether you are a new entrepreneur or if you are looking for a supplier like us, contracted sewing service, there are some important details you should know. Fabric and contracted sewing industry is very wide. Each project has a different expert, firms may not flex about it and may not. They can be quite right about this. Imagine first; You want to produce a shirt, you want to have your brand and label but you want it in a special color fabric. This is really hard. It is not the product that every company can produce. Each company can not reach the fabric you want, even if it can not be sustainable. We may not be able to do that. But we will give you information about what we do and what materials we are flexing.

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Contracted Sewing Service

If we hand about our advantages in short, “easy communication, fast sample, engineering and design support, global shipment, warehousing, flex production, just in time shipping” for private label and contracted sewing service.

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Baby Diaper Felt

What are the Specifications of Felt?

Wool pressed felt is manufactured from high quality natural wool fibers which are mechanically pressed using heat, moisture and pressure to achieve a specific wool content, density and thickness. Most important spec’s of felts are “thickness, tensile strenght, density, PSİ and Vibration degree”. At the end of day virtuality is important of end users. We combine all these specifiations of felts and nonwoven according to costumer requests.

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