Contracted Sewing Ideas about Oem Projects and Industries

Matador Useful Goods LLC is  a Sewing contractors company and provide some contracted sewing ideas and these business  provide a variety of services related to industrial sewing. Some of these services include design, prototyping, fabrication, engineering, and packaging. We will try to give information about oem contract projects with different industries and solutions. Our extensive in-house manufacturing capability allows us to manufacture sewing goods these meet the customer’s exact requirements. Our production facility is located in istanbul-Turkey. Step by step production; “tell us about your sewing needs, design, sample and bulk production”

Service Details About Custom Sewn Products

Small or large companies’ demands and requests may be different. No matter which product is the basis of marketing, the key point is to benefit the customer. Each company selects the most appropriate differentiation method in special sewing projects. Options such as design, material, packaging, color, odor, labels are options that differentiate brands. Contracted sewing ideas will help your projects and brand.

When you step in a gross chain store and market; Consider the details you pay attention to in order to make the purchase decision. Small details are very important. Our experiences show that these ideas have started to be produced; -Wholesale and standard production, differentiation, useful products, competitive price, products in the right place at the right time. From design to bulk production we may support you about custom sewn products such as handbag, pouches, apron, denim goods.

Promotional Sewn Fabric Bag, Canvas and More ideas

Especially the canvas handbag, the carrying case is extremely trendy. It can be an ideal solution for differentiating with serial and customer-specific sewing possibilities.  For example, a cosmetic brand, or olive oil producer, may wish to produce 100% natural canvas bags for their products to be memorable. We can support for this, we can choose special high density fabric, we can add strap, special silk printing option is also available.

If you are a small business, or if you have a company that makes design, if you are looking for contracted sewing ideas, we can be a manufacturer.

Medical Industrty Customized Sewn Bag idea

As can be seen in the examples below, the necessity of doctors, hospitals, and pharmaceutical industries can be bags and sewing projects of different sizes. Some companies may request special covers for the drugs and equipment they produce. Some drugs are also transported according to temperature values. The most important thing is that it is compatible with human health. Some medical bags are standard. However, we can make custom sewn production according to sector requirements.  Especially oxford fabric, canvas, nylon is preferred. In addition, the foam insert can also be used as a separator.

If you share us detailed dimension, quantity and product what you carry, we may help you and support as contracts sewing provider and manufacturer for medicine industy.

Commercial Sewing ideas For Garden Industry

For our customers we have the opportunity to produce many useful products used for gardening, nursery, care, outdoor purposes. When we make an agreement for contracted sewing projects, you can open a store on portals such as amazon, ebay and shopfy as a personal entrepreneur. You need to know the purpose of the product for your product detection. For example you can request a waterproof fabric, you can ensure the production of compatible bag for weight. Depends on what you are moving and where to use it. We recommend that you also review competitors. Then we recommend that you send us your design for bulk production. We can calculate the price for you. These could be some contracted sewing ideas for garden industry. In addition we suggest to check our pinterest page to learn more ideas and if you want to learn more apron types for outdoor and indoor, please check here.

Other Ideas and Examples for Industrial Sewing Service

You may have specific sewing products for your specific purpose. We talked about the process and the advantages of the manufacturer. Quality control and sustainability is very important here. Home, storage, baby, office design, sleeve, barbeque, outdoor, military, as well as many industry-compatible products can produce products as a result of our agreement. We have the possibility to ship to every country of the world. We can send the sample within 1 week on average. After the sample has been approved, we contact the customer with the details of the terms. We are producing these type of contracted sewing ideas goods in Turkey and we may ship according to your warehouse location.

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