What is Contract Custom Sewing Process?

Contracted manufacturer of fabric products for many .operations. Our services about fabric products  include engineering, material sourcing, custom design, cutting, sewing, assembly, prototyping, packaging, printing, silk screening, warehousing, fulfillment, shipping, die cutting, label producing and label replacing, embroidery, heat sealing, grommeting & snapping. Served  industries for commercial
or industrial sewing:: navy, healthcare, medical, household, hospitals, institutional facilities, industrial, automotive, advertising, hotels, restaurants, retail, consumer goods, sport, travel, cosmetic, gourmet, entertainment, universities, colleges. All of fabrics can be used such as denim, cotton, canvas, leather, felt, eva, webbing, velcro bands etc. Manufactured products: promotional bags, covers, liners, curtains,
common use bags, seat cushions, table covers, flags, straps, cases, OEM bags, athletic bags, pouches totes, soft luggage, sewn components, aprons. Fast run times and professional production lines.

Sewing Production

From technical textiles to standard fabrics used in daily life, we make custom sewing products in many different designs and shapes. Brands and companies share details such as quantitiy of projects, samples, or technical drawings.  With our experience, we produce the desired product as private label.  Our process is as follows. Material selection, technical specification agreement, sample producing and shipment, other additional details (packaging, printing, logistics), shipment. In industrial applications, textile materials may need to be sewn in many different ways. Factories, promotional manufacturers, brands need us. We make special fast, serial sewn projects by making professional or annual agreement. We take provide fabric and other sub-parts.

Products, projects may vary. Our sales and technical team will select the fastest and most convenient way according to the quantity of your project.

Material Sourcing

In special sewing projects, it is very important to use the right material besides the material form. Details such as working conditions, working time, customer segment will be very important. We are a solution partner with our experiences here. We select the most suitable materials for you and ensure production. Materials such as denim, cotton, technical fabrics, printing, jut are the most used products.

Design, Develop and Long Term Relationship

To select the correct material, you may need to make samples several times. We use 2D and 3D drawing programs to design according to market requirements. During the project phase, we agree with our customers. After the technical specifications are signed, we can make samples for the project. This is require for custom sewing projects.

Additional Services for Sewing

Being fast in special sewing projects, being standard of each product, quality control, packaging and timely delivery are very important. We also care about our customers’ products. We can ship to your customers for you if you want.

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