What is Contract Cutting And Sewing Service?

We prepare special projects file and documents for high volume/ quantitiy goods of projects by after discussing cutting and sewing method. Material selection and choosing is provided to determine the most suitable and convenient sub-parts and to prepare the most competitive price. Advantage of being a manufacturer, contract cutting and sewing projects could be done easly as fast and flexible.

Material we Use For Sewing and Cutting Projects of Fabric

Deciding on the right material is the result of meetings and feedback from customers. Private label production and b2b become a supplier after the necessary conditions are met. Sewing capabilities include single and double needle sewing, overlocking, zig-zagging, screen printing, silk printing, die cutting and strip cutting and if possible laser cutting.  Material include nylon, felt, nonwoven, cotton, denim, polyester, kevlar, narrow webbing, straps, metal parts, neopren, vinly leather and some technical fabrics according to costumer request for contract cutting and sewing service. Rf welding and sonic welding also possible production possibilities.

Here you may find additional and detailed textile fabric material dictionary. According to our experinces, If you ship sample to us, we may analyase and find our detailed specification of fabric material. Some textile fabric brands and names are; aceteta, antron, bamboo, blend, wool, wool felt, chiffon, combed cotton, double knit, elastane, nylon, jersey, knit, latex, lycra, micro fiber.  As you can see, there are dozens of brand names and fabric names. Each of them has different colors and thicknesses. It’s hard to choose the right one among thousands of fabrics. Each company does not sew all fabric, can not organize the same quality sewing operations. We share our feasibility details with our customers and try to provide creative solutions for serial projects contract cutting and sewing projects.

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Contract Cutting and Sewing

Solutions about Contract Sewing for Entrepreneurs, Small Business

Small companies; entrepreneurs can also create some products in their dreams and offer these products to the market with the desired quality. We support our solutions here.  Each brand should be differentiated by a feature. This differentiation will cause a market share in the total market pie, and may even create new markets. We are making contract cutting and sewing the desired design for bulk, wholesale productions as Matador Useful Goods LLC. E commerce store, fullfilment shipping, order shipping could be another solutions about ours. For example, if you have a shop in amazon, if you are looking for a new product, different and especially contracted sewing manufacturer, we can support you and we can be your supplier.

Quality Control Prosses and Agreement

According to our experience, if you are looking for a long-term partner with a mass production experience and facilities to do a sewing process, the most common problems you will face are sustainability. Can we get the same quality products on the second or third party shipment? How is the quality control procedure? What do I do if the product comes in quality that I don’t want?

We know answers on your mind. We are organizing ourselves accoriding to your need.  Our team knows how to work as b2b. Our system was installed to minimize and prevent errors. Our product facility for custom contract cutting and sewing projects in istanbul/Turkey and we have also in Office in US.

Packaging Types of Custom Sewing Projects

The first point your product is in contact with the consumer is your package. The quality of your package reflects you. It reflects the importance you give to the product. At the same time, we recommend a variety of packages including environmental materials. For this, we think craft is the most appropriate option. A small added value that you add to the product will be beneficial for your customers. Here more detailed projects about denim apron.

Sample Production Time

Contract Cutting and sewing sample production time due to fabric and costumer request. But we like to work fast. and We may ship goods within 1 weeks all over world especially international companies.

Looking for a sewing Contractor

We are waiting material, shape, dimension, projects details, quantity and whatever you have about you or your brand. It is easy to work with us .

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