What is Commercial Sewing Contactors and Custom Sewing Service?

Commercial sewing contactors process is producing  right goods with the right material for a brand, person or company. We are a manufacturer company for this kind of company with huge experinces especially industrial sewing types.  These product types may be used for different purposes in “military, automotive, electronics, packaging, transportation, hobby clothing, food” markets. We can be a good and reliable supplier as a manufacturer.  This may not be the capability of marketing or promotional companies.

Cut and Sew Process for Custom Industrial Production

You can read more about material selection, design, sample production and mass bulk, commercial  production.  The fabric cutting process is an important stage of production after design and can be of many types. The selection of fabrics comes first. In industrial projects, sometimes it is desirable to supply only cut fabric of certain sizes.  Manual and automatic type of fabric can be cut. Although our preference is always automatic, important customer expectation is the issue we consider. We are triyng to sharing information about cutting proces below as commercial sewing contactors.  We choose the most appropriate cutting method according to the fabric type.The material drawn as 3d in the computer; The most appropriate cutting method is determined by us.

Case Study About Fabric Cutting  /Die Cutting Example :

According to wikipedia defination “Die cutting is the general process of using a die to shear webs of low-strength materials, such as rubber, fiber, foil, cloth, paper, corrugated fiberboard, chicken, paperboard, plastics, pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes, foam and sheet metal.” We are using Fast and competitive die cutting service. We need “shape, quantity, thickness, density, location and tolerance” about fabric.  Machine feasibility may also vary by plate size. Therefore, if your project will be cut with die cut, it is enough to send us an image by email. Leather, felt is great material for die cut process. As commercial sewing contactors , die cut is a step for manufacturer by sewing.

Die cut fabric

Our Costumer and What we Provide for Commercial Sewing Contractors?

Brands, people or companies in the growing world; designers must also be different with at least one feature in the products they design to provide better service. Some companies  could have a store on Amazon, and we can provide as commercial sewing contactors.

Custom Amazon Sewing  Contactors

We also have a shop in amazon as Matador Useful Goods LLC. However, since we are a manufacturer, we provide fullfilment and storage support. However, if you have a product that you can sell in amazon, you can send us the necessary technical documents. We can produce as many products as you want. You’ll be a different store with a different brand. All you have to do is focus on design and marketing. There are thousands of different products you can sell on Amazon. You can send us a sample / image to custom sewing. Here you may find some details below

Other E-commerce Options for Custom Sewing

There are global web portals such as Shopify, etys, ebay. Here you can sell products such as custom bag, handbag, towel, sleeve, bag. Here you may find some tricks for etys to learn more. We are a commercial sewing contractors. According to our experince we may support you design, sample, bulk-wholesale production. All goods could be private label and we may change label such as leather or printing.  If you want to have a store in these portals, we must solve the quality criteria together. Both packaging, barcode, and additional details are very important to us.

Promotional  Goods Sewing Contractors Example

Brands can give promotions to be more permanent in the minds of customers and clients.  These goods could be light and useful products such as promotional bags, sleeves, hats or etc. Aim is to deliver both memorable and cheap products. Here we are organizing the meeting with our customers, as a manufacturer company, we are making the commercial sewing contractors and  agreement  for the most suitable and different products.

Matador Useful Goods LLC,  provides custom commercial sewing contractors services and specialty packaging and fabrication. As contractors and a promotional marketing and fulfillment house. advantages of manufacturing company; Easy material exchange, easy label change, easy package design, fast and safe shipment. For more information about  b2b solutions, you may contact us.

Custom Label Sewing  Sewing Types On Commerial Contacted

We can produce special sewing projects with our customers. In designing these units, we can change the labels such as nonwoven, woven, leather, digital printing.  We can add label option to desired area of ​​products such as apron, sleeve, bag, handbag, duffle as commercial sewing contractors. So custom label sewing is anoher private label option for promotional units.

Quantity, Manufacturing for Industrial Commercial Sewing Projects

After deciding with our customers, our process continues as follows; – Design, sample, mass production. Since we are a mass production company, a minimum of 100 units is suitable for us. Otherwise, we cannot give competitive price. Products that we can produce according to sectors vary. We prepare a special quality control form for our customers and use these quality control forms. We can ship to every part of the world. We ship from Istanbul for Europe and nearby countries. For North America, we have an office in USA. We know and try to increase Commercial sewing contractors,  contracted supplier requierements.

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