What are Bathroom Storage Baskets?

Bathroom Storage baskets are ideal foldable product ideal for storing bath products, especially towels, shampoo, perfume, fragrance, soap It is the advantage of being made from light material that is safe for children and does not harm them in the house.  this basket product which can be used in different rooms and for different purposes is a matador useful goods product which is able to provide home decoration and reflect the more elegant aesthetics of living/home.

About Product

  • Material;  Standard raw material we choose is vegan felt, made of special polyester fibers. The thickness can be set to 3 mm.
  • Size; measurements of bathroom storage baskets can be determined as 14 inc x 10 inch x 9 inch. But detail needs to be known is that the product’s reinforced grips (ears) provide more weight than expected.
  • Colour; the light gray to dark color option is the most preferred in such products. Because it is suitable for many rooms and bathrooms, it is suitable for today’s color and design style. however, green and tones, yellow and even black are preferred and used colors for bathroom storage baskets projects.
  • Packege dimension;  In our b2b operations, the cardboard box measures we prefer are 40 cm x 60 cm x 40 cm. There are 40 items in these boxes and each box is 12 kg. In addition we can design custom packing according to costumer requests. 

    If you boy on our b2c shop stores like amazon.com, the products will be shipped with contracted cargo companies as plastic transparently packed.

Bathroom Storage Baskets

Trade Information

This product can also be used as a toy storage basket. As Matador useful goods team, we try to listen to our customers in almost every channel from product design to after-sales service. Whether you are a wholesale buyer in many parts of the world or not, we are listening  and giving best servise to costumer who come to us from our shops like amazon, etys or B2B. If you have any question about product, design, custom privade label option, material please free to ask ; here you may find our contact details. 

  • Shipping:  We have solutions for air, truck, and sea transport. also our factory in turkey ( production ),  Europe, and our warehouse located in USA in North America. If you contact us and we are ready to help you to ship goods immadiatly.
  • Payment:  We are working with global payment systems which are the most creative and have a minimum commission amount. we have an appropriate payment system for each channel. These include credit card, bank transfer, paypal, sepa. 

  • B2b solutions: These products (Bathroom storage baskets), produced with matador useful logos, and also it can be of different sizes and specially designed if desired. we can make custom designs, produce samples and provide mass production by using similar materials for custom design. In addition many brands are using it to promote their products.For example some costumers from bathroom industry (Towel brands) servicing them as gift

Questions about Bathroom Storage Baskets

At the beginning of the most commonly asked questions related to bathroom storage baskets product, it is possible to determine “whether to damage children, whether they can be washed, washable, how long and how the product can stand emty situation.

Answers are; 

-No It is safe for children, you may wash with cold water or air and it is really durable product!

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