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Apron Solutions

From Denim to cotton, it is used in daily life, especially in many industries such as coffe, wood, tool, kitchen, hardware. These carefully designed and selected sub-components, along with their design and material diversity, have been tested and validated many times for the end user.

Felt Solutions

We like to create great designs from this very special nonwoven material. This product can also be a baby carrying bag for a mother. If you want to buy a gift for your home for a special day, it could be a very convenient storage box. For more details and solutions about felt please free to ask questions and discuss with us how we can help you.

The Matador Useful Goods team has learned customer experience in different industries for many years. However, we have always tried to be more creative, from the choice of materials to the design and after-sales process. Please contact us to have more detailed information about our worldwide sales network as b2b and b2c. For now, we offer felt and apron solutions.

What are clients say about us?

Fabulous manly apron for cookouts. It is strong and durable yet sleek. My husband loves it

Elizabeth from Amazon.com Costumer

“Pro – very good looking, actually surprisingly, looking really nice on a female as well!
has very solid texture feel of the material. great product!

Adam from Amazon.com Costumer

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